October 2013

$25 Furnace Safety & Effecincy Tune Up

Early preventive maintenance tune ups can help avoid costly repairs.

You should always have a licensed heating contractor inspect your home’s heating system annually. A thorough checkup ensures that your furnace is operating at peak efficiency and most importantly that it is running safely.

With summer still fresh in our minds, checking your home’s heating system seems like a distant concern.

The fact is though that fall is the perfect time to ready your furnace for the coming winter. Since this is the slow season for heating contractors, it’s a great time to get your heating system checked before the winter rush. Testing your heating system before that first cold snap gives you the advantage of knowing beforehand of any problems. This allows you time to weigh your options and shop around for the best, most cost-effective solution to your situation.

If you realize a problem after the cold weather has settled in and you might find yourself waiting in line for a now busy heating contractor, in addition to having to make a quick decision that might cost you more money than if you took care of it earlier.

It is recommended that a licensed heating contractor do an annual safety inspection of your heating system.

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